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Our Statue Restoration philosophy is to maintain the original artisan’s vision of the piece. If the statue has been over-painted, we meticulously remove layers of paint in select areas of the statue; hemlines for gold leaf ornamental areas and throughout areas of the garment to determine the original color of the statue We document and match the original color palette through Historical Analysis. A complete restoration can bring the statue to the date of the original artist.

Perhaps your statue is missing a piece, chipping, or showing signs of age, minor restoration can also be executed.

Our time proven techniques for restoration and repainting are similar to the same methodologies used by the Germans over 100 years ago. Also we can bring out the original beauty of your statuary and enhance your church surroundings.

We are always searching for religious art of all variations: e.g. statuary, paintings, sacred art, altars, etc. Poor condition is not a detriment, as we can restore most old pieces. We would consider it our honor to view and estimate any items you may have available that are not being used.

We are dedicated to placing church art into Christian churches or institutions and reserve the right to personal discretion when selling or retaining all merchandise in our possession.

We have found through the years of restoration services, a need from churches and other religious institutions for statuary and other liturgical items either old or new.

We are now providing a service not only for restoration of statuary/artifacts, but also selling items that are for several reasons not being used any longer at their facility, we have purchased and are now available for your needs.

We have also found more private chapels and devotional areas being built and utilized in homes; whereas, we are able to fit the needs of placing items that will suit your area of prayer. We are now manufacturing several items that can be used in smaller chapels: stations of the cross, statuary, etc .that would suit your needs.

We also take consignment of items that your church may not be using. We are interested in always saving and preserving the liturgical items to be placed back into religious facilities. Upon receiving the item, we will discuss value of the item and if any restoration will be needed prior to the sale.

But as always, we guarantee placement into a respective religious facility.

Gold and Metal Leaf

For a beautiful, traditional and tasteful finish, start with Restorations Plus.

With the proper preparation, we can apply gold and other precious metals to most surfaces including wood, metal, stone, fiberglass and plaster. The leaf material and its look are up to you. Whether you choose a satin look or reflective finish (called water gilt) to select architectural elements on altars, pedestals, moldings or capitols in your church. We also offer gold application to statuary in the round or artwork on hemlines and select areas.