Complete Altar Set

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We have available a new altar.  It is featured with 23kxxd gold for the architectural gilding, mosaic insert (optional).  This altar can be painted to any pallet desired.  Altar is currently painted with a glaze finish.

Features a faux marble base (optional) and faux marble columns.  A tabernacle was built into this set which is also optional.  The niche areas have the four evangelists shown; Matthew, Mark, Luke and John to further enhance this altar (Optional).

Also available are side altars that match the main altar.  The side altars measure 72″ wide by 22″ deep by 40″ tall.

Pedestals are also available which also match this set.  They measure 19″ wide by 23″ deep by 42″ tall.

We have a matching baptismal font which is also available.