Welcome to Restorations Plus! We are experts in Statue Restoration and Religious Art. In business for over twenty five years, we are conveniently located in St. Louis, Missouri.

Our Mission

Our first love is the restoration of lovely old Religious Art. We repair and restore pieces to their original palette or to your particular artistic preference. We work in plaster, wood, marble, metals and fiberglass.

Restoration Services

Restoration of your statuary can always be restored to the original artisan's vision. If the statue has been over-painted, we meticulously remove layers of paint in select areas of the statue to determine the original color of the piece. We document and match the original color palette through historical analysis. A complete restoration can bring the statue to the date of the original artist.


Our time proven techniques for restoration and repainting are similar to the same methodologies used by the Germans over 100 years ago. Also we can bring out the original beauty of your statuary and enhance your church surroundings.

Gold & Metal Leaf

With the proper preparation, we can apply gold and other precious metals to most surfaces including wood, metal, stone, fiberglass and plaster.

Selling & Placement

We are always searching for religious art of all variations: e.g. statuary, paintings, sacred art, altars, etc. Poor condition is not a detriment, as we can restore most old pieces. We would consider it our honor to view and estimate any items you may have available that are not being used.

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Our Mission is to restore the wonderful Religious Art with which we have the privilege of working. In our endeavor to save this Art, we buy to preserve and we sell to share.

Some of Our Recent Work


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Santafarabefore E1423506111715

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Greek2 E1422992311909

Statue Restoration - Saint Joan of Arc

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IMG 1041 E1423501785928

St. Cecilia Wood Statue- Before

Mary Queen of Peace gold- before


IMG 1325

Our Areas of Expertise


  • Religious Statues
  • Statues of Jesus
  • Church Statues
  • Holy Statues
  • Religious Sculptures
  • Cement Statues
  • Catholic Statues
  • Statue Repair
  • Statue Restoration
  • Stations of the Cross Restoration
  • Religious Art Restoration
  • Canvas Painting Restoration
  • Concrete Statue Painting
  • Religious Art Restoration
  • Concrete Statue Repair
  • Concrete Statue Restoration
  • Catholic Garden Statues
  • Used Church Statues
  • Buy Religious Statues
  • Statue Repair Services
  • Religious Statue Restoration
  • Altar Restoration
  • Pedestal Restoration
  • Copper Restoration
  • Gold Leaf Restoration

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