About Us

Photo by Patti Gabriel

Photo by Patti Gabriel

We are Restorations Plus, experts in statue restoration and dealers in religious art.  We have been in business for over twenty five years and are presently located at 5825 South Grand Boulevard  in South St. Louis.

Restorations Plus is lead by Michele Bowman-Dumey whose first love is the restoration of lovely old Religious Art.  Michele repairs and restores pieces to their original palette or to each clients particular artistic preference.   Michele specializes in plaster, wood, marble, metals and fiberglass restorations.

Michele also has conservators in the fields of Fine Art Paintings, Clock and Bell Restoration, Art glass Artists and Church Decorative Painters on hand for your special needs.

As the artist and consultant of our firm, Michele’s background is in Art. Her previous experience was in photographic art followed with six years apprenticing under a conservation architect Ted Wofford and an historical consultant in Ecclesiastical Buildings, Artisan Decorators.

We began the service of purchasing, restoring and returning these items back to other churches.

Our Mission in this business is to restore the wonderful Religious Art with which we have the privilege of working.  In our endeavor to save this Art, we buy to preserve and we sell to share.